The Maker Life. Drawing Inspiration.

The. Maker. Life.

When I started this journey, my vision was much different than it is now. I was inspired by Etsy and thought maybe I could make something of my own. Make a few extra bucks and really what did I have to lose.

Drawing inspiration.

After having my third baby and becoming home bound (I am mostly a home body anyway), I craved and really wanted to do something that was completely my own and to feel accomplished. I was inspired by the pure fact that I could build something from the ground up. Something to test how far I could push my capabilities.

The Beginning.


I purchased my first sewing machine as a back-up and taught myself how to use it by reading the manual and sewed my first item. A head wrap.

Since then, Be Loved Handmade has grown, changed and transformed into what it is now. In 2017, I hope it will continue to grow.

In this category, I will share some behind the scenes tips and tricks that I have learned. Things I have learned about social media, taking photos, making flat lays. Documenting the journey of being a shop boss and what challenges it really entails. Although, I am still learning every single day.

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